Rising India

The Musical Journey towards Rising India

Producers: Padmashri Sumitra Guha & Rupam Sarmah 

Music Director: Rupam Sarmah

India is one of the richest, most dynamic and enthralling cultural heritages. The culture, which predates thousands of years before Christ, is a delightful and evolving blend of philosophy, art and religion that are intertwined with each other in a beautiful way.

“The world music performance in France included five segments of unique compositions of World Music — Origins of Music from Veda, Science & Spirituality, Bhakti Movement including Folk, Meditational Chakra Music, and music during India’s independence movement. We have performed Raga-based classical compositions in Bhoopali, Hamsdwani, Bhatiyaar, Charukeshi, Shivranjani and songs composed accordingly – Bharat Desh Hamara, Ye Bharat ki Dharti Hai, Jaya Jaya Bharata, Vande Mataram, and others”

“Our performance portrays how different religions, languages, cultures and communities come together to form the rich diversity and unity in India through the Bhakti movement dated back to 1200 AD. Jayadev’s Gita-Govinda, Amir Khusrow’s Sufi and Qawwalis, Mira Bai’s bhajan, Kalidasa’s Meghaduta, and saint Kabir’s poetry; Chaitanya, Tulsidas, Bulleh Shah, and many others contributed to building the foundation of Indian music and folk culture. We have brought regions of India together through music — performed world music, Bhajans, Borgeet by Shankardev, Lalan Fakir’s Boul geet from Bengal, Rajasthani folk, Sufi, and so on. It was a non-stop performance of original music, visuals, narration, and unique compositions of world fusion and classical music! “

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About the main artists

Sumitra Guha

Sumitra Guha is a top Grade Indian Classical Vocal Artist; recipient of Padmashri Award from Govt. of India. Sumitra Guha has numerous classical albums to her credit and has traveled internationally to perform. Her concerts are counted as ‘experiences’ that bear the stamp of exclusive musical devotion and spiritualism. Besides her numerous albums and concerts in India and abroad, she has worked on a globally acclaimed project with African music titled “Gondwana Dawn” featuring double Grammy award winning music composer and producer Robin Hogarth. Sumitra Guha and Rupam Sarmah have worked together on a number of projects, such as OMKARA, Rising India, Freedom from Biases, and so on.

Rupam Sarmah

Dr. Rupam Sarmah, an engineer, film director, award-winning singer-songwriter, producer and Guinness World Record® holder. Rupam created a Guinness World Record® composing and directing a Symphony, A Musical Journey for World Peace, with 315 unique musical instruments from all over the world and over 500 performers on the stage.  Rupam’s recent projects ‘Action Moves People United’ and ‘A Musical Journey: Together in Peace’ collaborating with musicians in over 35 countries hit #1 on Billboard World Music chart. Rupam is a Cross-Cultural Ambassador for UNESCO-USFUCA / UNESCO Center for Peace.