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GWR Title ‘Most Instruments used in a Piece of Music’ was achieved by Rupam Sarmah and his team at Jorhat, Assam, India on Feb 24, 2013.

Music can often be the catalyst for bringing people together, and that was very much the case playing a piece composed and directed by Rupam Sarmah, an international award-winning Film and Music Director based in California, USA.

This is the biggest performance of this kind in the world using an incredible 315 Unique Instruments with 370 musicians and 106 vocalists, and over 500 participants from around the world performing a Symphony which lasted for over 37 minutes.

The symphony, which was written as a message for World Peace, included a variety of different styles of music from World Folk, Classical, Jazz, Bihu, Borgeet, Jhumur, Rajasthani, Latino, and Irish, with the lyrics for the piece featuring passages in Assamese, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Bengali.

Official Guinness World Record®  Video Clip

Picture Album – Making of  ‘A Musical Journey for World Peace’

World Record Performance Video  Short Clip

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